Applications Digitization in the area of public safety

With its Public Safety Ecosystem, Azurito offers various organizations helpful tools for their digitization. These are also to be used across organizations.

Fire department

Our firefighting apps are convincing before, during and after the mission. Developed for all types of fire departments.

Civil Defense

For exercises and planning, situation reports and the reporting system

Management body

For situation displays as well as cross-organizational communication and overview

First Responder

Targeted deployment and orientation of a selected group. Intra-group operational communication.

Major event

Cross-organizational tracking of people and vehicles, journaling, situation display


Georeferenced storage of infrastructure data, mobile retrieval of maps and information

Technical infrastructure

Operating systems and hardware

The Azurito apps are developed for iOS and Android tablets, the web applications for any operating system. The data is hosted in Zurich. Customers subscribe to a cloud solution. This can be combined with a local installation - for disaster recovery - if required.


Apps for Heroes How our Public Safety Tools are used

Planbutler App supports emergency forces at ESAF

Major event ESAF 2019

Around 500 people from the regional blue-light organizations - Zug Volunteer Fire Department, Zug Rescue Service, Zurich Protection & Rescue, Zug Police and Civil Defense - had the Planbutler app installed on their smartphones during the ESAF in Zug. Thanks to PlanButler, there was no need to create manuals with detailed plans. The rescue and security forces could zoom into the cadastral plans on their smartphones and tablets at any time and locate their own position.

First Responder Software

First Responder

For first responder groups, the Rapida app offers efficient communication. After being alerted via push message, each participant transmits their status to the group. Immediately, the most important things become clear:

  • Who takes over the mission
  • Who fetches the vehicle and material in the magazine
  • Who is on site and when



Fire Brigade Software Plant Fire Brigades

Company fire department

Operational fire departments often have a mix form of alerting, in that, for example, a porter manually sends an alarm in the Azurito Cockpit and, when performing base functions such as chemical firefighting, alarm messages also arrive from the operations control center via the Firetab Cloud. The map material is also usually special. Also of interest:

  • Journal management, reporting to operations
  • Document management
  • Choice of hardware, including mini tablets and big screens
Firefighting Software Cooperation


Firetab Einsatz, Firetab Journal and Planbutler are also used across organizations. For example, a base fire department can also view the deployment plans of its neighboring fire departments. The processing and maintenance of the data remains with the respective organization. Higher-level organizations such as regional command bodies are also optimally integrated in this way. The data is automatically synchronized between the organizations and is also available offline on the tablet.

Civil Defense RFO Population Protection Software

Civil defense and RFO

Civil defense and regional command bodies are deployed in the event of larger and longer-lasting incidents. This changes the work processes. Firetab takes this into account, for example with time-lapse situation management and the digitalization of the reporting system.

Since these organizations are dependent on a functioning system even in the event of a prolonged power or Internet failure, Firetab has a synchronization function to a locally operated server.


Company with infrastructure GIS software

Companies and administrations

Companies and administrations with critical infrastructure distributed across multiple sites have collected important information about them. Planbutler helps to manage information and data and make it available on a mobile basis. This creates an overview and supports the service, but also the emergency manager.

Want to know more? Check our case study

Case Study

Digitization of the Zug ZG Volunteer Fire Department

The Zug Volunteer Fire Department is a local fire department in the city of Zug and a support fire department in the canton of Zug. This case study shows their digitization process as part of the collaboration with Azurito.
Case Study

Mission planning: This is how the Oftringen AG fire department does it

The local fire department Oftringen is a larger fire department in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. This case study shows how they approach mission planning.
Case Study

Digitization: This is how the Horn TG fire department is proceeding

The Horn local fire department on Lake Constance is a smaller fire department in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. This case study shows their digitization process.

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