Azurito Spirit and skills for Public Safety Apps

Our passion is the safety of people, animals and property. We love the best combination of IT and design and have a lot of experience in developing clear and attractive applications.

Apps for Heroes - We support gyro organizations, regional driving bodies, companies with critical infrastructure and players in related fields with hybrid cloud-based apps. Our apps are militia-friendly and have been tested in response. They provide connected and synchronized services to leaders on mission. And that's on tablets, smartphones, PCs and screens.

Public safety mission We are driving forward the digitization of fire departments, civil protection and command organizations. In a sensible, safe and innovative way.

Azurito software for the mission of firefighters and civil protection

Solutions for big challenges Doing more with less staff in a more complex environment

We help response organizations by pushing what software can optimize:

  • Response Time shorten
  • Perfect theAccess to relevant data for decision making
  • Increase the effectiveness of response organizations
  • Secure the flow of information beyond the organization
  • Supporting know-how management


Azurito Apps values
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We fight as a team to find the best solutions Pursue common goals and interact different skills

Azurito Apps for Public Safety Daniela Obrecht, Founder

Business Digital innovation in a short circuit

It's super exciting to understand the high demands of public safety tools and to excite response forces with future-oriented solutions. We shape our products from idea to development to distribution - for and with customers who are committed to society.

Daniela Obrecht, Founder & CEO

Azurito Public Safety Apps Marcel

Development Simple solutions for complex situations

A digital tool is always complex to develop. There are so many aspects to consider. I love finding simple, practical solutions for the public safety sector, where I myself feel at home as a longtime military member.

Marcel Hohl, senior developer

Azurito Public Safety Apps Fred

UX design A good design that speaks for itself

I agree with Martin LeBlanc: "A user interface is like a joke. In public safety, where many young volunteers also work, a user experience as we know it in private apps is welcomed: cool and intuitive. We work hard for that.

Fred Savioz, senior designer

What is important to us We offer scalable systems for developments that will shape our future.

System integrations

Drones - the new means of intervention and data sources

We look at a selection of technical trends that will greatly change the way interventions are conducted in the coming years. One of these is that of drones, which in many ways complement traditional means of intervention.

applications and software for firefighters and civil protection drone integration

Smart public safety apps in a
Smart City

We see the public safety domain as part of the Smart City. Many actors benefit from securely networking different platforms in the public domain. Let's make valuable synergies possible, especially in densely populated areas!

smart city firefighters digitalization

The public sector with AI

Learning best practices and automating processes is what we're all about. Real-time data from various sources on the status of a response is compared to baseline data and analyzed with AI: for optimal follow-up activities. 

azurito Apps and software for the protection of the population artificial intelligence
Swiss provider of firefighting software and intervention applications

Cooperation What speaks for us

  • Swiss SMEs - Data Security in Switzerland
  • All focus on digitization for firefighters, civil protection and organizations with similar needs 
  • Modern, easy-to-use apps
  • Modular solutions, flexibly expandable at any time
  • Specialization in "digital ecosystems" - we integrate multiple organizations into one system, e.g. firefighters, civil protection, driving staff, neighboring firefighters, Smart City, etc. We do not produce isolated solutions.
  • We are familiar with different alarm systems and requirements
  • Short distances
  • - we listen, support quickly and innovatively
  • Free choice of hardware (Android, iOS) works in favor of ease of use and price
  • Easy to learn with webinars, tutorials and support

Participate Shaping the future of public safety together

We look forward to hearing from potential clients, investors, partners and collaborators.