Firetab Screen Digital information display and alarm monitor

Firetab Screen is the software for large screens in the fire station or emergency command vehicle. The view automatically switches between info and alarm screen. Supports the deployment of vehicles in alarm mode. Provides general information for firefighters and guests.


One centrally controlled software for multiple sites


Offers something as an info screen with photo galleries and videos for the whole team. Strengthens identification with the team.


Runs on any screen with internet connection

Firetab Screen


Firetab Screen is a modern solution for emergency organizations that want to quickly capture the most important information on a large screen. In addition, the tool improves communication within the team. News, dates and impressions of the last exercise are attractively displayed.

Digital deployment support software Firetab deployment

Software features This is what the screen application offers

Fire department info screen

Info screen

  • Photo and video gallery, easy upload in Azurito Cockpit
  • Next events, automated integration from calendar
  • Template for general messages and news
  • Integration of an external website or news ticker
  • Time controlled black screen
Fire Alarm Screen

Alarm screen

  • Automatic display of the alarm message
  • Detection of the event location at a distance from the magazine
  • 2 map views with different zoom
  • Exit order of the vehicles
  • Automatic printout on standard printer
Fire department info screen

Screen Premium

  • More templates for internal communication
  • Playing the templates in a loop
  • Time-controlled display of information
  • Prioritization of selected information

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Mar 18

Alarm display - decisive in the first seconds

Streets and areas with similar names, but located in completely different parts of the city, exist in every large town. Thanks to the Firetab Screen alarm display, every emergency vehicle quickly arrives at the right place.
Jun 17

How the Lonza plant fire department benefits from Firetab

The Lonza plant fire department has been working with Firetab since 2017. Diego Zeiter, Deputy Commander of the plant fire department is enthusiastic about the software and sees clear advantages.
May 20

Digitization: This is how the Horn TG fire department does it

The Horn fire department on Lake Constance is one of the smaller fire departments in the canton of Thurgau, but it is by no means lagging behind when it comes to digitization. Commander Claudio Forster provides information about the digitization process and their software for mission support and mission planning.

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