Firetab Digital mission control

A comprehensive information system for the deployment of the fire department, civil defense and regional command organization - that is Firetab. The cloud solution ensures that the emergency forces are informed and organized faster and better.

Firetab system

Deployment software Integrated solution for mission control

Firetab is the best choice for fire departments and related blue-light organizations looking for a complete system that supports them efficiently in the field.

Firetab Deployment, Firetab Screen and Firetab Journal, a perfectly synchronized information system via the cloud, is built around the Firetab Core technology: For teams that want to immediately and reliably access all crucial data on the move and on different hardware.

Overall system
Integrated deployment apps
Deployment devices
Firetab deployment devices
  • Firetab integrates multiple web applications and apps into one system
  • The web applications work on all operating systems
  • On tablets and smartphones we work with Android and iOS technology
  • Azurito does not sell hardware, but makes recommendations

How it works Firetab alarm

Firetab alerting command center
Firetab insert
Firetab Screen
Firetab Journal
Firetab insert
Firetab insert
Displays all relevant operational data on the tablet for the operations manager

Firetab Deployment is the mobile solution for instant retrieval of all mission critical information. Our software takes care of the alarm notification and zooms in on the scene on the map. The mission-supporting tablet app with integrated maps, mission plans and functions for digital situation sketches also works offline.

Firetab Screen
Firetab Screen
Displays the alarm message and the location on the alarm monitor in the depot

Firetab Screen is the solution for a large view in the fire department magazine or in the command vehicle. It displays the alarm message and the location of the operation as well as the disengagement order of the vehicles.
In standby mode, photo galleries and messages alternate according to choice. Switching from standby to alarm mode is automatic.

Firetab Journal
Firetab Journal
Enables digital and mobile journaling across people

Firetab Journal is the mobile solution to document the assignment with time stamps. This deployment software is used for digital assignment and monitoring of tasks. It can also be worked offline and synchronized later. The app also contributes to an efficient debriefing at the end of the mission.

For fire department
For civil defense
For management body

The comprehensive solution for digital mission support

Whether volunteer fire department or professional fire department, whether company, local or base fire department: every fire department is well advised with Firetab. The modular structure of the software allows the solution to be tailored to your own needs.

Digitally support the operations of civil defense organizations

Civil defense organizations of all sizes benefit from Firetab. Situation sketches are created digitally and retrieved on the go. Multiple operations can be digitally recorded in parallel. The solution also integrates an emergency power scenario.

The digital info system for regional command organizations

Thanks to synchronization via the Firetab Cloud, regional command organizations work together digitally across locations and organizations. According to the role concept, the responsible persons create and receive mission-relevant data.

Azurito Community What mission managers say about Firetab

"We chose to work with Azurito to digitize our civil defense organization because they understand our needs and offer practical tools."

Philippe Benguerel, Commander / Head of the ZSO Office

"We are excited about Firetab. The deployment software improves access to important information and internal communication."

Diego Zeiter, Deputy Commander Lonza Visp Plant Fire Department

"Firetab has exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with the collaboration with Azurito."

Daniel Jauch, Commander Zug Volunteer Fire Brigade FFZ

"Thanks to Firetab, I always have all the information about our area of operation with me - key pipes, BMA, contact persons, water reference points, etc.. And this without me having to carry kilos of paper. The alarm function with automatic zoom on the event gives us the right overview immediately."

Simon Graber, Deputy Chief Control Center Base Fire Department Zofingen

"We chose the Firetab Screen because it gives us an overview of the approach and object as soon as we move into the depot."

Daniel Grab, Hünenberg Fire Department

"We are excited about Firetab. The software improves access to important information and internal communication."

Diego Zeiter, Deputy Chief of the Lonza Visp Plant Fire Department

"We are completely convinced by Firetab. In an emergency, we have access to all relevant information within seconds. The fact that the latest maps are always available to us offline is another big advantage."

Claudio Mignot, Chief of the fire department Murten Region

"With Firetab, we quickly get an overview of where the incident is, the nearest hydrant, or whether the building has a gas connection. Likewise, the deployment plans or other important property-related information can be accessed immediately."

Urs Ackermann, Deputy Chief of the Pizol Fire Brigade

"During an operation, we have an overview even in remote areas thanks to Firetab. Directions, water supply and other important information are immediately visible."

Thomas Fischler, Kdt. fire department Kallern


Navigation and tracking

Firetab offers many optional extensions. This means that operational organizations only pay for the software components they actually need. In addition, the solution can be expanded step by step.

Firetab Tracking

Public Safety Firetab, digital tools for efficient operations

Deployment Tablet Firetab


  • Cloud solution for various devices (iOS, Android).
  • Offline availability of data and maps, fast loading times
  • Cross-organizational collaboration integrated
  • Very user-friendly and militia-ready, you talk directly to the manufacturer
Azurito Hosting


  • The data is securely stored on a server in Zurich.
  • The hosting features 24h monitoring with banking standard.
  • The DSGVO guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation) are adhered to.

The Azurito Cockpit

Edit all apps independently and centrally

A digital ecosystem needs to be cleverly controlled. That's why there's the Azurito Cockpit, where you're the boss of your apps.

Simply individualize solutions

Many of our modules and features are individually configurable. Design your own solution - clear and simple.

Add more modules and apps at any time

Build your digital system independently. Extensions are possible at any time. A step-by-step approach is usually the best way to digitize.

Make uncomplicated changes to the users

Manage users, roles and subscriptions independently. No team remains the same over time. You make adjustments mobile, fast and independently.

Use central knowledge database

New users will find valuable information in the integrated Know-how Center. There are answers, guides, and videos on how to use the apps.

Configure and manage apps


Hardware that withstands
use withstands

Azurito knows a lot about hardware, but doesn't sell any. We are happy to give tips and recommendations for iOS and Android devices.

Firetab hardware fire department

With Firetab Is each task force faster
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