Firetab Einsatz Mobile mission control

Is the mobile solution for immediate retrieval of mission-critical information. Displays alarm message, event location at a distance from the magazine and all mission-relevant data. Also serves for the preparation of situation sketches. Works on- and offline on iOS and Android!


The data can be retrieved quickly in any situation


The design is field-tested: clear and intuitive

iOS / Android

Wide range of different tablets

Firetab insert


Firetab Operations is a comprehensive operations management software that any operations manager can easily use. It also enables efficient cross-organizational collaboration.

Digital deployment support software Firetab deployment

Software features This is what the deployment application offers

Fire department use tablet

Deployment Management

  • Display of the alarm message
  • Selecting and saving an operation
Fire department deployment tablet WMS cards


  • Orientation via selectable general map views
  • Fire department specific map views: Cadastre,
    hydrants, gas, waste water, flood protection etc.
  • Smooth integration of WMS maps from a GIS
Fire department deployment tablet deployment plans


  • Clear display of object-related data (symbols, files, photos, drawings) on different levels
  • Printout of stored files and site plans
Fire department use tablet location sketch

Location sketch

  • Drawing position sketches with offline synchronization
  • Managing your own symbol libraries
  • Synchronization among the tablets and the web application
Fire department deployment tablet navigation and tracking

Information of Point

  • Intelligent address search by clicking on map
  • Display of coordinates and meters above sea level
  • Link to for people search
  • Information and Google Street View image of the object
Fire department deployment tablet navigation and tracking

Add-on: Navigation & Tracking

  • Intelligent detection of the event location at a distance from the magazine
  • Directions navigation
  • Displaying the positions of registered tablets
  • Incorporating GPS trackers for vehicle location display


Fire department use tablet document storage

Add-on: Document storage

  • Storage of non-georeferenced documents


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May 18

This is how the Zofingen Fire Department uses the Firetab deployment software

For Simon Graber, the deputy chief control center of the Zofingen militia and base fire department, the Firetab software is an extremely helpful tool for efficiently handling all data and deployment plans. Here he reports on his experiences.
Jun 17

With Firetab we have a deployment software for everything

How is Firetab used by fire departments? We asked Urs Ackermann, Deputy Commander of the Pizol Fire Department.
Oct 19

Why fire departments need situational awareness systems

There are more and more large-scale events in Switzerland. But large-scale environmental events are also becoming more frequent. This challenges not only the army, police and ambulance services, but also the fire department. Situation management systems are very useful for managing these events.

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