Respirec Digital respiratory protection monitoring

Is the mobile software solution for efficient monitoring of a respiratory protection operation. Works on- and offline on iOS and Android. Registers all essential mission data for later evaluation.


The data can be retrieved quickly in any situation


The design is field-tested: clear and intuitive

iOS / Android

Wide range of different tablets



Respirec is the modern device-independent software for digital respiratory protection monitoring. It efficiently supports all processes from command to the evaluation of the respiratory protection troops' deployment. It enables the location-independent exchange of information between respiratory protection supervisors and mission control.

Respirec digital respiratory protection monitoring software

Software features This is what Respirec respiratory protection monitoring offers

Firefighter Breathing Protection Tablet

Respiratory protection troops immediately ready for action

  • Efficient registration of the equipment carriers with badge or PIN
  • Rapid registration of respiratory protection teams with order
  • User-friendly registration of the initial pressure
  • Also works offline
  • Link with Firetab Operation and Firetab Journal
Digital respiratory protection monitoring

Efficient monitoring of the squads

  • 1- Monitor 6 respiratory protection squads on one tablet
  • See and take over the squads of the other respiratory protection supervisors at the push of a button
  • Start, pause and end of deployment time at the click of a button
  • Clear display of elapsed deployment time
  • Automatic, but overridable reduction of the cylinder pressure
Breathing protection firefighters Android

Process support signals

  • Automatic and regular reminder signal for radio interrogation
  • Time control of radio interrogation configurable in Azurito Cockpit
  • Automatic warning signal in case of critical cylinder pressure
  • Acoustic alarm and red signal when cylinder pressure is too low
Breathing protection monitoring card

Exchange of information in the field

  • Simultaneous overview on map for squad supervisor and operations manager
  • Squad name
  • Name and location of squad supervisor
  • Name squad leader
  • Mission and status
  • Bottle pressure and deployment time
Breathing protection monitoring protocol

Respiratory protection protocols and statistics

Clear reports on respiratory protection operations and exercises as well as on the individual equipment operators and respiratory protection supervisors can be easily called up in the Azurito Cockpit. So you know dIn this way, the chief of respiratory protection and the command can be informed at any time who has completed how many hours of respiratory protection in which role during operations or training.

  • Automatically generated mission log
  • Automatically generated log for each respiratory protection officer
  • Time period selectable
  • Export function

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