Rapida Digital mission communication

With the Rapida smartphone app, emergency managers are faster and better informed. The availabilities of the emergency forces can be called up easily - whether in connection with an alarm message or independently of it.


Localizes operation site or meeting point


Shows which people come on site and tracks their location


Chat for emergency services and stakeholders


Efficient communication

Seamless and secure communication between incident command and people involved for different scenarios:

  • The incident commander wants to know which batches with how many people are coming on scene
  • The first responders want to know who will fetch the resources and who will go directly to the scene of the incident
  • Command wants to know how many personnel are generally available.
  • Drivers want to make sure that the vehicles needed for the operation are in place.
  • The incident commander wants to exchange texts and images in a closed system related to the operation.
Digital communication

Software features What the Rapida smartphone app offers

First Responder App


  • Send alarm messages manually
  • Receive alarm message via push message
  • Link to your alarm center
  • Link to Firetab
First Responder App Acknowledgement

Confirmation of use

  • Acknowledgement of a status
  • Flexible use of the Availability function for time queries
  • Flexible use of the Availability function for individual surveys
First Responder App Localization


  • Localization of the location on the map
  • Intelligent address recognition
  • Localization of all participants on map, if tracking is enabled
First Responder App Chat


  • Communicate with selected participants
  • Post information in the group chat
  • Transmit text and picture messages quickly
  • Send push messages

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Satisfied customers Voices from different organizations

"Thanks to Rapida, we have improved the coordination and efficiency of small and large operations. The smartphone app is very easy to use for everyone."

Martin Pfister, Commander Knonaueramt South Fire Department

"We use the Rapida smartphone app to regularly check on crew availability efficiently in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic."

Daniel Jauch, Commander FFZ


Inform your operations supervisor when you will be on site

An alert arrives on your smartphone. Show your dispatcher that you're coming to the scene with a simple click. Use Rapida to tell him how many minutes it will take you.

Deployment communication smartphone app

Take part in a poll of your command by clicking on it

Knowing who will be available for an assignment in the near future is important to the functioning of your organization. With the Rapida app, custom surveys are created in an instant. Participate in the survey with just a few clicks and increase the planning reliability of your command.

Using the Rapida smartphone app for surveys in the operational organization

Let the others see where you are on map

Let incident command know where you are by allowing tracking of your smartphone during an incident. Location tracking helps when the alarm goes off, but also during large-scale incident management.

Deployment Communication Smartphone App Tracking

Be navigated to the event location you see on your phone

An alert arrives on your smartphone in the Rapida app. Don't waste valuable time. Get navigated to the job site or meeting point on your smartphone, which you always carry with you.

Rapida smartphone app navigate to job site

Pricing In a flexible subscription system.
Something for everyone.

The software licenses are paid quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Against invoice or with credit card. Subscription changes are possible at any time. Start now with Rapida Smartphone App!

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